Hearing Aids Might Save You Trips to the Hospital

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As we get older, our health often starts to decline, and as a result, we have more medical appointments and medications to manage. But with more medical issues and more prescriptions on hand, there is also an increased chance that we’ll need to visit the hospital.

But what if there were ways to reduce our chances of visiting the hospital as we age? A new study suggests that hearing aids could be one.

The Research on Hearing Loss and Hospital Visits

In June of 2018, the University of Michigan published a study in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Injury. The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between hearing aid use and the number of hopsital visits for elderly people with hearing loss.

To evaluate this relationship, the researchers used retrospective data on 1,336 Medicare beneficiaries, over the age of 65, who self-reported hearing loss. Findings showed that the use of hearing aids for these individuals reduced their trips to the hospital by 2%. While purchasing hearing aids was found to increase their number of office visits by about 1 day, hearing aids still reduced their total number of hospital visits.

This is the only study of its nature at the moment, and more research will need to be conducted to confirm its results. However, it may be worthwhile to take its suggestion: If you are an older individual with hearing loss, purchase hearing aids to reduce your potential trips to the hospital.

What About the Cost of Hearing Aids?

The researchers didn’t neglect to evaluate the costs associated with purchasing hearing aids. Although purchasing hearing aids saved participants an average of $71 on Medicare costs, the total cost of Medicare coverage was $1,125 higher and out-of-pocket spending was $325 higher. Why? Most hearing aids cost upwards of $1,000.

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