What Is A High Frequency Loss Hearing Aid?

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Did you know that high frequency hearing loss is the most common?

Advanced Affordable Hearing's HearClear brand hearing aids can do a great deal to help high frequency hearing loss, in addition to some of the more specific uses or hearing loss levels that they were designed for. In fact, some also do quite a bit to help with mid and low frequency losses as well.

That being said, high frequency hearing loss comes up often in our conversations with customers because so many people experience it. If you feel that you may have high frequency hearing loss, let's take a moment to understand what that means and how exactly our hearing aids can help. 

What is High Frequency Hearing Loss?

In simple terms, high frequency hearing loss affects a persons ability to specifically understand speech. This occurs because the consonants (like S, H, and F) are high frequency sounds in the 1500 to 6000 hertz range. 

Losing the ability to hear higher frequencies makes hearing those sounds much more difficult to discern. Oftentimes, a person suffering from high frequency loss tells us that they can hear other people talking, but can't understand what is being said. 

Fact: This hearing loss also often makes it difficult to understand women and children's voices.

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How Do Hearing Aids Help High Frequency Hearing Loss?

In recent years, the ability to treat high frequency hearing loss has come a long way. With the advent of digital hearing aids that can process incoming sounds, you can now effectively target and amplify desired sound. For example, by wearing hearing aids with this loss, you'll be able to amplify those consonants you were missing before and regain your ability to understand speech.  

Another has been the open-fit hearing aid. Open-fit hearing aids allow low and mid frequency sounds into the ear normally so that only the high frequency sounds are amplified. Using closed domes on an open fit hearing aid will also help to get more of a low and mid frequency response if needed.

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Are You Ready to Hear Better?

At Advanced Affordable Hearing, our hearing aids are pre-programmed for the most common hearing losses, one of which is high frequency hearing loss. If you have had a hearing test, or know that understanding speech is where you have struggles, several of our hearing aids might be the perfect fit for you. 

To start your hearing journey, visit our Online Hearing Check to get a better sense of your hearing loss. If you prefer, you can also speak to one of our customer service representatives 1 (800) 804-0434. Once you know your hearing loss level, you can select the hearing aid that will work best for you.

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