Hearing Loss and Its Effects on the Family

Hearing Loss and Its Effects on the Family


Those with hearing loss may think that they are the only ones impacted by their condition, especially since they are the ones who will most obviously struggle to participate in conversations and other social activities.

However, hearing loss can become a burden for the family members involved as well. In fact, family members often experience many of the same issues as those with hearing loss. Here are a few examples.

Hearing loss can prevent familial conversation.

If one family member has hearing loss and can’t hear what’s being said, constantly misunderstands, or needs information repeated, conversations with this person can result in more frustration than progress.

Instances like these often escalate into arguments, or other forms of miscommunication, and can negatively impact the familial relationships involved. This can also lead to family members withdrawing from conversations because they don’t want to struggle to communicate.

Hearing loss can reduce your family outings.

Since hearing loss can cause one to struggle during conversations, it should come as no surprise that hearing loss often results in that same person withdrawing from social activities. In this way, family members can feel pressured to stay behind with the person who has hearing loss.

Not only that, but this withdrawal from social activities can cause your family member with hearing loss to experience depression, and depression will only result in even fewer outings for that individual and the family.

If you suspect your loved one has depression, please visit the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

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Hearing loss can lead to someone being left out.

When one person in the family has hearing loss, there’s a strong likelihood that someone will be accommodated, while someone else will be left out.

For example, a family member with hearing loss may turn the TV volume to the max to hear it; however, the family members with normal hearing may need the volume turned down. As a result, the volume of the TV will need to be turned down, or those with normal hearing will need to leave the room.

In this way, not only will family members avoid having conversations with one another, but they may begin avoiding participation in familial activities.

How can I help my loved one with hearing loss?

If someone you know is suffering from hearing loss, there is hope: 28.8 million American adults could benefit from hearing aids, and chances are, your loved one could too.

At Advanced Affordable Hearing, we believe in offering hearing aids for a reasonable price. To help your loved one start hearing better, have them visit our Online Hearing Check, or call one of our friendly representatives at 1 (800) 804-0434, to get a general sense of their hearing loss.

After that, they can order the right hearing aids for their hearing loss.

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