How to Hear Better this Father's Day

Hearing Better this Father's Day


Is participating in conversations with friends and family difficult for you due to hearing loss? Sadly, losing your hearing in one or both ears can limit your ability to communicate with those most important to you, leading you to miss out on conversations you would otherwise cherish. 

As Father's Day approaches, we find it important to point out that studies have shown men to be 5.5 times more likely than women to be diagnosed with hearing loss. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you hear better this Father’s Day.

1. Turn off the TV!

We all enjoy a good television show or sports game, but when Father’s Day rolls around on June 16, you’ll want to be able to chat with your family. One way you can help communication flourish is to eliminate any background noise that may interfere with your conversation. 

Turn off the television, the radio, or any music that’s playing. If that’s not an option, move to a quiet area of the room or another room entirely. In chaotic environments, the sounds can all blur together, making it nearly impossible for you to hone in on words and sentences. 

Reducing the hum of background chatter helps you focus more clearly on the voices you are trying to hear.

2. Don’t try to hide your hearing loss

Hearing loss sufferers can be hesitant to let their friends and family know that they are having difficulty hearing, but trying to hide the issue won’t fix it. Be open with your loved ones about the fact that you are having a difficult time hearing and ask for help.

Share our article on How to Effectively Communicate with People with Hearing Loss with your family members, which provides tips on how your family members can better communicate with you! 

Communication is a two-way street. To assist you when taking part in conversations, your friends and family members can talk louder, speak more slowly, and repeat words or sentences you missed. 

Most likely, your loved ones will be going out of their way to make Father’s Day special for you, so they will be happy to help you enjoy it! 

3. Be active on Father’s Day

Instead of celebrating your Father’s Day with dinner at a busy restaurant or with a boisterous family gathering at home, which may make conversing difficult, try getting out and doing something active with your family. Engage in a fun activity that will get you moving and won’t rely entirely on your ability to hear and have in-depth conversations. 

Gather the family for a round of mini-golf or an afternoon at the arcade. Pick a new scenic spot to hike together or get everyone involved in a game at the park or in the backyard. 

There are a variety of entertainment choices that you can take part in with those closest to you that will make your hearing loss less of an issue. 

4. Stay focused and in view of the other person 

This ties into our tip on eliminating background noise. Those experiencing hearing loss will need to expend more energy during conversations than someone with good hearing. When you are hard of hearing, it’s much more necessary to pay close attention to the person speaking to you. For that reason, you should try to be in the same room as the people you are conversing with – no shouting from other areas of the house! 

Oftentimes, when people realize you are hard of hearing, they will adjust their body language and become more animated. You can occasionally use non-verbal clues, and even some lip reading, to catch or comprehend words you might have missed or misunderstood otherwise. 

5. Take the first step toward better hearing 

Has your significant other been asking you to see a doctor about your inability to hear well, but you haven’t scheduled the appointment? Do your children or grandchildren seem worried that you can’t understand them as easily as you used to? Maybe you should consider giving your spouse and children a gift this Father’s Day: the gift of taking the first step. 

If you haven’t been tested yet, use our simple Online Hearing Check to get an idea of where you fall on the hearing loss spectrum. Please be aware, our online hearing check is not a professional diagnosis. To receive a professional diagnosis, you will need to be examined by a doctor. However, the hearing check can help you choose the best advanced affordable hearing aid for your situation. 

It’s time to take the leap! The improved hearing that comes with wearing a hearing device can enrich your quality of life, making everyday interactions easier and more enjoyable. 

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Advanced Affordable Hearing!  

If you have any questions about the tips above, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1 (800) 804-0434. Our hearing aid professionals will be happy to speak with you! 

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