How Hearing Aids Work


The question of how hearing aids actually work comes up frequently. Essentially, a hearing aid takes a sound and amplifies it before sending it to the ear. To explain the process more clearly, we created a graphic.

What Should Users Of New Hearing Aids Realistically Expect?


When you first purchase hearing aids, you may think that they will immediately help you to hear better. And while this will happen eventually, there is an adjustment period involved in acclimating to hearing aids. So you can be aware of what it's really like to start wearing hearing aids for the first time, we've made a list of some of the things you can expect. 

Buying Hearing Aids Online


Medicare and most insurance companies do not include hearing instruments as part of their coverage. That leaves many people stuck in a situation where they need a hearing aid but simply cannot afford it. By selling hearing aids online, Advanced Affordable Hearing is able to offer quality hearing aids for a reasonable price. This opens the door for people to purchase hearing aids online without draining their bank account.

The High Cost of Hearing



The loss of hearing is often associated with depression and a feeling of social isolation. According to audiologists, one of the best ways to treat these condition is by wearing hearing aids. Unfortunately, the cost of hearing aids is often extraordinarily high, but thankfully, there are other options available.