5 Helpful Tips for Musicians with Hearing Loss

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Musicians with hearing loss are certainly not alone. In fact, a study from 2014 revealed that musicians are almost 4 times more likely to acquire hearing loss than non-musicians. The same study also found that musicians were twice as likely to develop tinnitusJust because you may be developing hearing loss, your chance to enjoy playing or listening to music isn’t over. Here are 5 tips that will help you to stay positive and continue to enjoy the music you love.

What is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

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We often associate hearing loss with aging, but the truth is: Hearing loss can occur at any age. Why? Some hearing loss is noise induced. Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when we are exposed to consistent, loud noises, and unfortunately, this type of hearing loss can occur anywhere. For those who have yet to be impacted, however, there is good news: This type of hearing loss is preventable.

Research Study Proves That DIY Hearing Aids from Advanced Affordable Hearing Improves Speech Understanding

Hearing Aid Study


Recent breakthroughs in the hearing aid industry empower the wearer to be less dependent on their local provider for service. These breakthoughs beg the question:

How important is paying for a local hearing care provider’s help in determining the success of using hearing aids?

Your New Year’s Resolution To Hear Better in 2018

2018 Hearing Resolution


Another new year is upon us and that often means promises we make to ourselves for self-improvement with a resolve to “stick to the plan”. Although we don’t always stay the course and our resolutions to go by the wayside, taking the steps required to finally fix your untreated hearing loss is a resolution that will provide benefits for 2018 and beyond.

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

Hearing Aid Troubleshooting


Many experienced wearers believe hearing aids can sense the worst possible time to play dead and do so just to remind their owner to keep up on top of the maintenance schedule. In reality, hearing aids are incredibly tough, reliable, and can often be revived by following a few simple steps.

Reducing Hearing Aid Feedback

Reducing Hearing Aid Feedback


If you wear hearing aids, more than likely you have experienced hearing aid feedback. That annoying, alarming squeal that seems to be present at the wrong times, is sometimes an unfortunate reality of wearing the devices. However, it can be minimized or even eliminated by understanding what causes it and by learning how to make a few small adjustments.

What To Expect With New Hearing Aids

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While we may not notice the onset of hearing loss, we most assuredly do notice when our gradually lost hearing is suddenly replaced by a high-tech object resting in our ear canal. While there is little doubt that wearing hearing aids is a great benefit and brings about a life altering change, it also takes some getting used to.

Considering Returning Your New Hearing Aids?

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The onset of hearing loss happens deceptively slow for most people, which makes losing your hearing much easier to get used to than fixing it.  Something you’re poignantly aware of if the title of this article caught your attention. The decision to try hearing aids instead of coping with diminished hearing might have been big, but it was only the first step, now you’ve got to get comfortable wearing them.