How to Use Your Hearing Aids in 5 Simple Steps

Woman Happy to be Using Hearing Aids


Perhaps your hearing aids have just arrived. You’ve opened the box, taken them out, and now you’re wondering how to get your hearing aids working. While hearing aids are pretty easy to understand once you’ve had them for a while, it can be difficult to know where to begin with them. As hearing aid experts, we’d like to help walk you through that process. Here’s how to use your hearing aids in 5 simple steps.

4 FAQs of Getting Hearing Aids for the First Time

Woman with Dog Thinking about Getting Hearing Aids for the First Time


Many people with hearing loss wait 7 to 10 years before choosing to wear hearings aid for the first time. Despite experiencing signs of hearing loss, many people resist hearing aids for reasons like vanity or unwillingness to adjust to a new way of hearing. If missing out on hearing conversations wasn’t enough for you to try hearing aids, here are answers to four popular questions many people ask when getting hearing aids for the first time.

What is Exercise Induced Hearing Loss?

Woman with Exercise Induced Hearing Loss


As with most things, even exercise has its share of potential downsides, one of which is exercise induced hearing loss. Especially if you visit the gym on the daily, or enjoy lifting those weights, you may be at greater risk for experiencing permanent damage to your ability to hear. Let’s take a moment to explore how exercised induced hearing loss occurs and how it can be prevented.

How to Tell Your Parents They Need Hearing Aids

Two Parents Who Need Hearing Aids


Age-related hearing loss is one of the most common types of hearing loss, and if one of your parents is having trouble hearing you these days, they may be one of the many experiencing this type of hearing loss. While you may recommend hearing aids to your parent with their best interest in mind, this suggestion may not go over as well as you’d hope. To make discussing hearing aids with you parent a bit easier, ere are 5 steps you can take to start discussing hearing aids with your parent. 

What Tinnitus Sounds Like: Ringing in Your Ears

Young Woman Experiencing Ringing in Her Ears


What tinnitus sounds like is a ringing sound that no one else seems to notice but you. Not only is this condition frustrating, but it can make it difficult to hear what others are trying to say. If you are experiencing tinnitus, rest assured that you’re not alone: Roughly 10% (25 million) of U.S. adults have experienced it for at least five minutes within the past year. If you find yourself frequently experiencing tinnitus, let’s take a moment to dive in and discuss this condition, its impacts, and how it can be treated.

6 Reasons NOT to Give Hearing Aids as a Gift

Hearing Aids as a Gift


There’s one holiday activity that seems to trump all: gift-giving. While kids are asking for the latest toys, adults often expect more practical gifts. That being said, if your loved one appears to have hearing loss, you may think that purchasing hearing aids for them would be a great idea! It turns out that these devices not usually received as well as you may expect. In fact, giving your loved one a pair of hearing aids is usually a pretty bad idea, and here are just 6 reasons why.

How to Wear Hearing Aids with Glasses or a Nasal Cannula

Elderly Woman's Hands Holding Glasses


Behind-the-ear hearing aids, glasses, and nasal cannulas all rest behind your ears, making it easy for one item to interfere with the other. The good news is that there is still a way for you to hear, see, and breathe better all at once. In the following, we address how to wear glasses with hearing aids, how to wear a nasal cannula with your hearing aids, and how to wear all three at once.