Healthy Hearing Is Linked To A Healthy Heart


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, and February has been designated as American Heart Month in order to help increase public awareness of heart-healthy lifestyle choices.  As a result of the compelling body of evidence linking the heart and the ears, there has become an increased collaboration among cardiologists, hearing care providers, and other healthcare professionals to find solutions.

Hearing Aids and Your Memory - A Healthy Connection

For many people, the holiday season is full of family traditions deeply rooted in their minds by a lifetime of celebrations and quality moments. Fond recollections of loved ones and special times over the years have systematically been stored into pockets of cognitive recall deep inside the brain. These are more commonly known as memories.

Need Help Paying for Your Hearing Aids - How to Find Assistance


According to the September 2015 PCAST report on the state of hearing technology, there are millions of Americans with hearing loss that do not buy hearing aids because they simply cannot afford them. This is bad news, and is truly an injustice to people who are simply hoping to hear better. Fortunately, there are options for those who have hearing loss and are on a tight budget. 

Helpful Hearing Tips for Enjoying the Holidays


Another festive holiday season is right around the corner, bringing families and friends together to reunite and celebrate. There are conversations happening all over the house, as loved ones are catching up on the latest. However, while this time of year can be joyous and exciting for almost everyone, for those that wear hearing aids, it can be very stressful.