What To Expect With New Hearing Aids


While we may not notice the onset of hearing loss, we most assuredly do notice when our gradually lost hearing is suddenly replaced by a high-tech object resting in our ear canal. While there is little doubt that wearing hearing aids is a great benefit and brings about a life altering change, it also takes some getting used to.

Considering Returning Your New Hearing Aids?

The onset of hearing loss happens deceptively slow for most people, which makes losing your hearing much easier to get used to than fixing it.  Something you’re poignantly aware of if the title of this article caught your attention. The decision to try hearing aids instead of coping with diminished hearing might have been big, but it was only the first step, now you’ve got to get comfortable wearing them. 

5 Steps to Help Ease the Burden of Hearing Loss


Coping with any disability comes with unforeseen challenges for the afflicted as well as friends and family. Hearing impairment means constantly being faced with deciding whether to ask for clarification, ignore the point and hope you’ll catch up later, or staying at home and avoiding people and conversations entirely.  But life with hearing loss doesn’t have to be hard. Use these steps to help maintain a healthy hearing-impaired lifestyle and ease the burden of hearing loss.

Its A Noisy World, So Protect Your Hearing

How Loud Is Too Loud?


On almost any given day, most of us are exposed to danger noise levels that are loud enough to potentially cause permanent damage to our hearing.  While those that do not live with hearing loss may not fully realize the negative impact it has on one’s quality of life, those that do, fully understand that their future well-being depends on taking the steps necessary to protect their hearing.

12 Signs You Need Hearing Aids

12 Signs Why You May Need Hearing Aids


Because age-related hearing loss is gradual, you may not recognize that you are showing signs of hearing loss. By understanding the potential challenges your hearing loss can cause, and what you can do to counter it, you can dramatically change your life for the better. Here are twelve signs you need hearing aids. 

Healthy Hearing Is Linked To A Healthy Heart


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, and February has been designated as American Heart Month in order to help increase public awareness of heart-healthy lifestyle choices.  As a result of the compelling body of evidence linking the heart and the ears, there has become an increased collaboration among cardiologists, hearing care providers, and other healthcare professionals to find solutions.