Hearing Aids Might Save You Trips to the Hospital


As we get older, our health often starts to decline, and as a result, we have more medical appointments and medications to manage. But with more medical issues and more prescriptions on hand, there is also an increased chance that we’ll need to visit the hospital. But what if there were ways to reduce our chances of visiting the hospital as we age? A new study suggests that hearing aids could be one.

Does Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Cause Hearing Loss?


Most often, when we think of the causes of hearing loss, we think of aging or noise-induced hearing loss. But as researchers begin to delve further into the issue, findings suggest that hearing loss can be attributed to more than just age or exposure to damaging sound levels.  Recently, chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been recognized as a potential cause.  

What Can You Do about Cookie Bite Hearing Loss?


While age-related hearing loss is the most common type of sensorineural hearing loss, more unusual forms of sensorineural hearing loss also exist, like cookie bite hearing loss. Although most hearing losses affect one’s ability to hear high frequencies, cookie bite affects mid-range frequencies. If you suspect you have cookie bite hearing loss, it’s important to understand what it is, if treatments are available, and if hearing aids are an option.

Do I Need an Audiologist to Purchase Affordable Hearing Aids?


It's an age-old story: Your hearing just isn't what it used to be, so you take a trip to the audiologist and discover you have hearing loss. The audiologist then suggests that it’s time to purchase a pair of hearing aids. You begin looking at your options and quickly realize: Hearing aids are expensiveBut is there a way around this? In a word, yes. 

5 Helpful Tips for Musicians with Hearing Loss


If you’re a musician, you are at greater risk for developing hearing loss. In fact, a study from 2014 revealed that musicians are almost 4 times more likely to experience hearing loss than non-musicians. But just because you have hearing loss, your chance to enjoy playing, or listening, to music isn’t over. Here are 5 tips for staying positive and continuing to enjoy the music you love.

What is Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?


We often associate hearing loss with aging, but the truth is: Hearing loss can occur at any age. Why? Some hearing loss is noise induced. Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when we are exposed to consistent, loud noises, and unfortunately, this type of hearing loss can occur anywhere. For those who have yet to be impacted, however, there is good news: This type of hearing loss is preventable.

Research Study Proves That DIY Hearing Aids from Advanced Affordable Hearing Improves Speech Understanding


Recent breakthroughs in the hearing aid industry empower the wearer to be less dependent on their local provider for service. These breakthoughs beg the question:

How important is paying for a local hearing care provider’s help in determining the success of using hearing aids?