How to Hear the Sounds of the Season with Hearing Loss


From the all too popular Christmas carols to your grandchildren excitedly running around the house on Christmas Eve, there are a variety of sounds to look forward to this holiday season. That is, of course, unless you suffer from hearing loss. Fortunately, there are certain measures you can take to better hear the sounds of the season this year. Let’s talk about a few of them.

How is Hearing Loss Connected to Your Balance?

Elderly Woman Maintaining Balance by Holding Onto her Elderly Female and Male Friends' Arms


Did you know that your ears do more than simply help you to hear? In addition to allowing you to experience a world of sound, your ears help you to balance. With the help of your ears, your brain can process and receive signals that allow you to maintain a steady posture and focus. Unfortunately, if your inner ears are damaged, your ability to balance may be impacted as well. In the following, we will discuss balance disorders, their causes, treatments, and finally, how they are connected to hearing loss.

4 Hearing Aid Facts for Your Loved One


Instead of gifting your loved one with hearing aids, you’ll want to get them involved in the process by talking to them about their hearing loss. Once they’ve shown signs of accepting their hearing loss, and before you help them find the appropriate hearing aids, share these 4 hearing aid facts with them in order to help them set realistic expectations.

What's the Latest in Tech? Smartphone-Controlled Hearing Aids!

Woman Using Smartphone to Adjust Hearing Aids


Technology is ever-evolving to make our lives better and easier. In less than two decades, we’ve moved from flip phones to smartphones. But the improvements to your smartphone are wider reaching than merely improving your ability to communicate with others or access entertainment: Thanks to the latest hearing technology, your smartphone can help you to hear better with smartphone-controlled hearing aids.

What Does Smoking Have to Do with Hearing Loss?

A Young Man Holding a Cigarette to His Mouth


For years now, many people have found smoking to be a relaxing pastime. While smoking is a common practice, it certainly isn’t a healthy one: 16 million Americans live with a related disease, and 1 in 5 Americans die from related causes. If you smoke cigarettes and are also experiencing hearing loss, did you know that the two could be connected? Here are some of the reasons why smoking can impact your hearing.

How to Effectively Communicate with People with Hearing Loss


If you have a loved one with hearing loss, you know that hearing loss can present a wide variety of communication struggles. Your loved one may frequently ask you to repeat yourself, raise your voice, or fill in the gaps. To make your life, and your love one’s life, just a bit easier, here are few tips for how you can better communicate with them.

Check Your Hearing for Diabetes Awareness Month

Hands of Diabetic Patient Filling Out Paperwork for Hearing Check


For most of us, November means we’re one step closer to Thanksgiving, but for others, it’s Diabetes Awareness Month. In fact, on November 14th, the disease is recognized worldwide on World Diabetes DayIn order to raise awareness, we’d like to draw attention to the connection between diabetes and hearing loss. We’ll also share some tips for how you can work to prevent as much damage to your hearing as possible.