7 Myths and Facts About Hearing Loss

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Stigmas, rumors, myths… there’s always at least one or two that surround every person, place, or thing, and hearing loss is certainly no exception. There are many preconceived ideas about the condition, such as that it only affects “old” people or that there’s nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately, misconceptions like these can cause hearing impaired individuals to feel self-conscious and hopeless about their situation. So you can learn the truth, we're exposing 7 common myths by sharing the facts.

The Link Between Alzheimer's and Hearing Loss

The Link Between Alzheimer's and Hearing Loss


As we grow older, managing our health seems to become a more challenging task, and research suggests that there may be a connection between hearing loss and Alzheimer’s. Understanding what Alzheimer’s is, and how it’s connected to hearing loss, can be beneficial for identifying your next best steps to preventing, if not delaying, this memory-related disease.

Hearing Better Promotes a Better Well-being

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More than 5% of the world population has some degree of hearing loss, and unfortunately, our chances of experiencing hearing loss increase as we age: approximately one-third of people over the age of 65 have disabling hearing loss. With more older adults experiencing hearing problems, it should be no surprise that many of us accept hearing loss as a normal part of aging. 

When Should Hearing Aids be Replaced?

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When you purchase hearing aids and finally regain control over your hearing, you might hope they will work forever. Unfortunately, like most things, they will only last so long and, eventually, will need to be replaced. But when? There are several reasons why it might be time to say goodbye to the hearing aids you have and hello to something new. In the following, we’ll share the top 5 reasons you should upgrade.

Hearing Aids Might Save You Trips to the Hospital

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As we get older, our health often starts to decline, and as a result, we have more medical appointments and medications to manage. But with more medical issues and more prescriptions on hand, there is also an increased chance that we’ll need to visit the hospital. But what if there were ways to reduce our chances of visiting the hospital as we age? A new study suggests that hearing aids could be one.

Does Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Cause Hearing Loss?

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Most often, when we think of the causes of hearing loss, we think of aging or noise-induced hearing loss. But as researchers begin to delve further into the issue, findings suggest that hearing loss can be attributed to more than just age or exposure to damaging sound levels.  Recently, chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been recognized as a potential cause.  

Do I Need an Audiologist to Purchase Affordable Hearing Aids?

Do I Need an Audiologist to Purchase Affordable Hearing Aids?


It's an age-old story: Your hearing just isn't what it used to be, so you take a trip to the audiologist and discover you have hearing loss. The audiologist then suggests that it’s time to purchase a pair of hearing aids. You begin looking at your options and quickly realize: Hearing aids are expensiveBut is there a way around this? In a word, yes.