The Problem with Mild Hearing Loss


Did you know that even a 30 dB hearing loss can cause a child to miss almost half of the activity in a classroom environment? Statistics show that up to 37% of children with mild hearing loss will fail a grade in grammar school. Here are a few more reasons why you should take mild hearing loss seriously.

The Hidden Value of Inexpensive Hearing Aids

For the generation of Americans over the age of 50, the general feeling regarding hearing aids has traditionally been associated with cost. Although technology has gotten better and quality has improved, most people still feel that hearing aids are way too expensive and in many cases unaffordable. In fact, many people over the years have chosen to not address their hearing loss due to the elevated price of hearing aids.

Hearing Loss and the Workplace


Success in the workplace is a challenge that most people face on a daily basis. For those with hearing loss, that challenge can become even more difficult. However, as with most things in life, if you have a willingness to take charge and can face the problem head on, it is possible to achieve positive results and be successful in virtually any career or business venture.

Troubleshooting A Dead Hearing Aid

Think You Have A Dead Hearing Aid?

When a hearing aid suddenly quits working, it can ruin a vacation, business meeting, or any hearing dependent activity.  The good news is that with a few simple tools and a troubleshooting checklist, the cause of most sudden failures can be easily isolated and solved in just a few minutes. 

Why Should I Wear Two Hearing Aids Instead of Just One?


Studies have shown that in most cases, when age-related hearing loss has occurred, both ears are generally affected. Although the amount of loss may not be equal for both ears, it is safe to assume that both ears are experiencing at least some noticeable loss. As a result, a common question asked when a person is struggling with hearing loss is: "Is a monaural or binaural hearing aid fitting the best for me?" Let's find out.

Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids


Rechargeable batteries are the mainstay of the electronic devices most of us use in our daily lives.  It’s increasingly more natural in this day and age for people to watch a cellphone’s charge indicator, or a car’s gas gauge, with the same sense of self preservation. But for most hearing aid users, keeping a charge in their hearing devices is far from natural, or easy.