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They may be changed as often as you feel it's needed, however we recommend changing them every 3 months. Regular visual inspection can oftentimes extend the use or alert you if they need to be cleaned.  For instructions on how to change your tubes and domes, watch the video below.


All of our digital hearing aids were designed for the user to be able to simply clean on their own. In order to receive optimal performance from your devices, we recommend a maintenance schedule that includes a frequent (almost daily) general wipedown with a cleaning swab dipped in alcohol. We also suggest cleaning the tubes and domes every 2-3 days with a cleaning filament. The process is simple and should only take a few minutes, however, it will help your hearing aids last longer and ensure they provide you with clear sound.

While cleaning a hearing aid may take less than a minute, the cost of cleanings at a hearing center often costs $25-$50. If it is advertised as “free”, it's likely that a large fee for service was added to the initial cost of the hearing aid purchase. If you would like for us to clean your hearing aids, please call us at 1-888-570-2740 to arrange sending your hearing aids to us. Charges to have one aid professionally cleaned with new tube and dome is $20, or a pair for $25. Hearing Aid Cleaning prices include return shipping.



All Advanced Affordable Hearing Aids are equipped with feedback reduction as well as noise reduction.  That said, whistling is common with any hearing aids and there are simple steps one can take in order to reduce or eliminate it. 

  • First, make sure that your ears are completely free of wax.
  • Next, find the proper sized (preferably closed or double closed) dome that will be comfortable, but also create a seal in the ear canal.
  • Then, make sure (with the dome flush into the ear canal) that the hearing aid is resting comfortably behind your ear.  If it is resting on top, feedback is more likely and can be stopped just by replacing the tube with one that is longer. 
  • Finally, if the hearing aid is equipped with a 'trimpot' marked with an H, turn the trimpot counter clockwise until the whistling stops.

If you have completed these steps and are still experiencing issues with feedback or whistling, we encourage you to contact our customer support team at 1-888-570-2740 so that we can further assist you.


We have trained technicians available for support Monday through Friday to help you with any questions you might have. Please call them at 1-888-570-2740.

You can also visit our video page to watch instructional videos concerning your hearing aids.