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Every hearing aid we sell comes with either a 6 month or 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Damage that is NOT the direct result of manufacturers' defects are not covered under the warranty.

If the hearing aid stops working properly please remove the tube completely, then put a fresh battery in. Turn the volume to 4 and cup the aid in your hand. If it whistles, the hearing aid is working fine, but there is a blockage in the tube. Tubes can be purchased for all of our hearing aids from this site.

If the hearing aid is sent to us and only a cleaning is needed for an otherwise properly working hearing aid; there will be a charge of $24 to clean one aid and $29 for a pair including return shipping.

If the aid is still not producing sound with the tubing removed, please call 1-888-570-2740 to set-up a repair service. In warranty repairs are free; the user just covers shipping. Out of warranty repairs are available in most situations and cost between $75 and $199 per aid.